Zumba The Most Inspiring Routine You will do

Zumba The Most Inspiring Routine You will do

Posted 2015-10-27 by Justine lovittfollow
Like anybody else, I am drawn to keep up anything that improves my outlook on life. I think that is why I kept up crosscountry running during high school the endorphins and wonderful positive feeling from exercise kept me coming back

When I reached university, I ceased running unfortunately because I was focussed on the competitive side of things: and coming almost last frequently understandably did not motivate me.

However, I have now discovered, and am absolutely hooked on: Zumba. Zumba is a relatively high energy, workout that combines funky latin moves to addictive music. %% The reason Zumba was so wonderful was that it is absolutely non-competitive and provided me with that addictive positive feeling I gained from running. It also was a way to make friends.

The Zumba class that I attend is taught by the effervescent, creative and friendly Melinda Ryan Carroll. What makes these classes all the more appealing is that Melinda also encourages Zumba-goers to interact with each other during class! She also promotes social cohesiveness by informing the class of local fund-raising activities.

For example, breast cancer awareness was promoted by Melinda when class members had an enormous amount of fun decorating trees along Racecourse Road in pink. Being a loner, I have found that participating in these kind of activities a way to get to know some wonderful ladies!

trees were dressed in pink to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Image courtesy of Melinda Ryan Carroll

One of the key reasons I find Zumba to be so motivating and uplifting is the choice of music. They are all funky, upbeat tunes and the kind of ones you turn up while you are driving and get your foot tapping and booty wiggling to while you are doing the dishes.

I find that after a Zumba class I am grinning ear-to-ear. For the rest of the day, I have energy and I can also concentrate better, and it’s also because of the great interaction I always experience there.

For a taste of Zumba, go to Ascot State School, where Melinda holds a class. There you will find out about other classes that are free and held by the Brisbane City Council from Melinda. They can’t specifically be mentioned here, but she will be happy to tell you about the details. The Ascot Class is only ten dollars
Zumba is so affordable theres no reason not to go. Image courtesy of quickmeme

I have simply not found another exercise which is more inspiring, motivating or so much fun. Give it a go at least, and you might find it pretty soon it turns into an addiction – it has for me!


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