Zest for Zumba Important Revised

Zest for Zumba Important Revised

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Zumba is a fun, addictive, workout that will leave you wanting more Image courtesy of Melinda Ryan Carroll

I have very recently posted a similar article exhorting the benefits of Zumba. However, there were a few errors contained within it! Therefore, I wish to clarify a few things I said…

“Zumba” basically is a Latin-American derived fast, energetic and funky workout.

I stumbled upon it serendipitously about eighteen months ago. Having disappointed myself with a serious lack of self-discipline with respect to range of varied physically challenging exercise regimens, when I found I was looking forward to the next class, this boded well in terms of my commitment!

To my delight, I found myself actually smiling during the very first work-out! This was new! Usually I am aware of a grimacing, growl and almost a resentful awareness of how bad I usually had to feel during the exercise, to feel good after…It was a chore, a duty.

So, what did I like about it?

1. The funky tunes. I am one of those people who draw the curtains and boogie to daggy 80 tunes that I happen to love, in my bedroom. So to be able to do this and call it ‘formal exercise’ was a relief! I could legitimately dance and not feel silly!

2. Melinda Ryan Carroll. Melinda is warm, enthusiastic and has a definite gift for making the classes fun, relaxed, welcoming and interesting.

3.. How I feel afterward. No matter how languid I feel prior, I emerge from the workout feeling consistently happier, more positive and energetic.

4. The physical fitness To have a work-out where you can tone up and it doesn’t even feel like “exercise should” i.e., fun, is fantastic! There are so many numerous physical benefits to exercise: lowered blood pressure, and other cardiovascular benefits, improved chances and longetivity.

5. The people you meet. I am a very shy person but I always feel more relaxed talking to people and have met many lovely ladies at “Zumba”.

The atmosphere at Zumba classes is warm and friendly. Image courtesy of Melinda Ryan Carroll

6. Many classes are held by the Brisbane City Council, and these are free!

If you go to MelindaRyanCarroll.zumba.com you will find these class options. Ascot Primary School in Malley Street, Ascot is eleven dollars. However, Mel always has lots of ways to save on these, such as doing five classes at once.. Mel can give specific details on these.

Sick of banal, tedious work-outs in a gym that feel like a chore and drain your finances? Those daily walks or jogs not addictive enough to get you to come back?

Give Zumba a go!


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