Your Thoughts Come First

Your Thoughts Come First

Posted 2014-01-22 by Lindsey Leighfollow
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When things are challenging in your life, you often find your emotions swinging turbulently from total calm to chaos. It can make it very difficult for yourself and the people around you to get through the undesirable situation and to a desirable outcome.

It doesn't have to be like this though. Notice what you are thinking about at the time of the swing? Where you focus in your life directly affects your emotions, because your thoughts dictate what you feel. Feeling blue? What are you thinking about?

When I'm struggling with a situation, I sit back and take a really hard look at myself. What am I thinking about right now? Which thoughts in particular are making me feel this way? Are those thoughts helping me reach my desired outcome from the situation? If not, I shift my focus. What thoughts will help me reach my desired outcome? And every time I notice those old, unwanted feelings creeping back in, I remember my new focus and magically they disappear.

You don't have to struggle through every challenge. Just remember your thoughts come first.


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