You Are Precious

You Are Precious

Posted 2016-09-06 by Rachael Millsomfollow

You are precious.

Yes you are precious. I can hear the doubts. Have you never been told? Did you not feel it when your parents held you in their arms? Did you not hear it in the way people spoke of you as you grew up? Did you not see it in the way those close to you looked at you?

I'm sorry if you didn't know. I'm sorry if you weren't told or were not able to sense it. That does not make it any less true though, you know that don't you? You are precious. I am telling you now that you are.

You very presence is precious. What you offer is precious. You still don't believe me?
Stop for a moment and bring to mind a time when you:
  • felt peaceful
  • someone said thankyou and / or you said thankyou
  • you were proud, and /or someone else said they were proud of you
  • laughed
  • shared stories with someone
  • smiled at someone
  • did your best
  • I could go on. Did you know that each of these things shows how precious you are? It does. Every tree in a forest is precious. Every person in a crowd, or on their own is precious. You are precious.

    Could you believe that you are precious?
    What would it be like if you could truly believe that? Can you feel it just for a moment? Would it change how you lived? Maybe you would feel more compassionate of yourself and others. Maybe you would give, that idea you have had in the back of your mind for years, a go. Maybe you would reach out more to others. Maybe you would.......... what would change for you if you felt precious?

    Once you know you are precious. Once you feel your preciousness you can touch others with it. Once you see how precious you are you can help others to see how precious they are. Realising how precious you are is not just a gift to yourself, it is a gift to others and to the world.

    Realising you are precious is the greatest gift you can give the world
    Go back to the list above. Can you add to this list? Do something from this list everyday and when you do I want you to feel precious. I want you to notice how you feel. It might not be an easy journey, yet it is a worthwhile one. Realising how precious you are is not only one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, it is the greatest gift you can give the world.

    In realising you are precious, you also realise that others are precious too. Imagine how the world would be if we all treated each other as precious.


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