Writing a Good Article

Writing a Good Article

Posted 2015-09-11 by Justine lovittfollow
Writing a readable article is mostly common sense below are some suggestions just a personal perspective that may help when considering what constitutes a popular piece of writing. Image courtesy of iosphere at freedigitalphotos.net

I am hardly an expert, but the more I write, the more I become in touch with what might constitute a ‘good article’. So what is a ‘good article’? This is only my opinion but I feel that a readable article, are ones that deal with subjects that people relate to frequently. Perhaps they are also ones that deal with difficult topics, ones that we don’t discuss that much openly because it might not feel comfortable, such as depression, but that, in a private forum, people can feel validated, not alone and hopefully gain some useful suggestions on how to deal with these difficult feelings. I don’t believe a great article has to use fancy language and big words: the idea is not to impress the reader with your vocabulary or writing style.

One of the purposes of writing for a forum such as selfavenue is perhaps to discuss subject matters that are of practical help to people, or those that validate feelings and situations common to most people. They can be those that present ideas to help us with common problems such as relationship issues. They can put forth creative suggestions about how to further find fulfilment and satisfaction in life. Writing an article can give people a sense of shared humanity, that people are not alone in ideas, feelings and thoughts they have. Perhaps a good article can be one that is humorous and provides a lighter look on life. Another factor that can help create a worthwhile piece of writing are those that put forth how we can improve our relationships, and how we can help other people, not just ourselves.
When writing an article, first think about subject matters that you believe people can relate to, or those that provide validation which aren’t often talked about.

Brain storm ideas. Try to present ideas that are original and creative, ones people may not have thought of before. However, it is okay to put forth those tried and tested suggestions that people still benefit from when reminded about. Perhaps you can write so as to put on fresh and new perspective on articles whose subject matter has already been touched on.

Organise how you will structure your article so that your ideas flow, and make logical sense.
Try not to use over long sentences. Writing in a crisp, succinct manner is more reader-friendly and will attract more readers. If people feel they have to grapple with long confusing sentences, they may stop reading.

Always proofread what you have written. No matter how much care you feel you take when you write an article, I always find that there are spelling and grammatical errors I have missed. The proofreading process can also help to refine the presentation of your ideas.

You may wish to have someone objective read what you have written as feedback can always give you food for thought you may not have considered.
With patience, time and the love of writing that self-avenuers share, a great article will always be an inevitable result.


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