Working women of 2014

Working women of 2014

Posted 2014-08-14 by alilovefollow

Do you hate your job? Do you wake up and cringe at that thought of another work day?

Its time for something new, its time for a new you. As a person in my early and late 20's I looked for a job to pay the bills. But as most of us hitting our 30's know that changes. More responsibility and a shift in priorities. With a young child at home I come to the conclusion that a job is not enough. I need a career, one that allows me to spend family time, but still allows me to be a strong work force.

What do we do? Do we start our own business? Do we settle with our current and conform? This is what women of 2014 have to deal with. So what do we offer ourselves as a solution you ask?

We become some hybrid woman of the 50's meets Beyonce meets Martha Stewart with a touch of Madonna.


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