Working with Your Subconcious to Realise Your Goals

Working with Your Subconcious to Realise Your Goals

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Because our beliefs have such a profound influence on our lives, by working with the powerful and dominant subconscious mind, you can model the attitudes and therefore the life you desire. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Many readers probably have heard that the subconscious mind is an extremely powerful determinant of our behaviour, our beliefs, and our attitude. As you may know, the conscious mind, as the name suggests, is that part of our thinking we are aware of.

For example, you may be conscious that you would like to be more outgoing, if you are shy, and socialise more.

The conscious mind has been suggested to comprise about ten percent of what will influence us. Importantly to realise, however, the subconscious mind, which we are not aware of, but which has been shaped by our experiences throughout life, influences about ninety percent of our actions!

It therefore seems self-evident that to create any desired change in our life, which requires a different attitude or outlook which is inhibiting us, the most powerful and efficient way to bring about change more expeditiously is to work on our subconscious beliefs.

The subconscious mind is fortunately susceptible to being influenced by our repeated thoughts and statements we speak aloud or think privately. Despite negative messages that may currently reside in the subconscious, these %%can be usurped by repeated statements of an attitude you would rather have.

For example, suppose you are shy, and wish to be more outgoing. Just passively wishing it, and being unaware of subconscious reasons you feel you can’t be (for example, you may have experienced painful rejections during social interactions) won’t be enough.

However, if you write, for say a week, ten times an affirmation - a statement that you are basically saying is now factual, as well as listen to the responses your mind spews out after each, you can slowly change that all-powerful subconscious.

For example, just say, using the example of wishing to be more outgoing and less shy. I would write (preferable to speaking) at least ten times “I am now outgoing and feel comfortable socially” (or something to that effect). You will find immediately your conscious mind will have a response. For example, “But I am afraid to talk to people”. You write that down too.

Just as important as implanting more positive beliefs into your consciousness is becoming aware of what is holding you back. This awareness in itself can help you realise where your belief that is sabotaging you in some way came from.
You are then in a position to deal with those issues.

For example, after realising you are afraid, upon repeating again “I am now outgoing….”, you may come up with “but I was bullied at school so I must not be likeable”. It is therefore evident that some painful beliefs you may have forgotten about helps you realise what has shaped your current attitudes and behaviour. (For deep-seated painful issues like bullying) you may then realise you might need to talk to a trained therapist).

Even so, you are now aware, whereas before it was just a wish, and you may have forgotten about contributing factors to your current beliefs.

At the best, if the reasons are not as painful, for example “I am not sure what to say”, or if it is more painful and deep like the prior example %%at least now you are aware of where the problem lies, and are in a position to do something.

You see, the subconscious is a collection of memories, shaped by our experiences throughout life. Because it plays such an important role in our current beliefs, as will become perhaps surprisingly evident if you write or say these affirmations repeatedly, to effect long-term desired change, it needs to be dealt with.

Fortunately, it is not that complicated to change your beliefs. Because it took repeated experiences to form your current attitude, it makes sense that repeated counterarguments have the power to bring issues to the surface. Sometimes, just being aware in itself, and being able to refute those reasons your subconscious mind reveals can be enough to change your conscious beliefs.

For example, in the case of school bullying, you may want professional help. But you can also rationalise that they were just children, and kids can be cruel, besides which you easily gained friends in tertiary study or your adult workplace.

So, affirmations have the potential to change your conscious mind. Once it is in your consciousness, self-awareness, rationalising and sometimes getting some professional help can be enough to change some limiting beliefs you thought were immutable around!

So, start affirming your desired reality today!


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