Winter Welcome

Winter Welcome

Posted 2014-05-02 by nicholafollow

Let me declare my bias: I am an absolute, unwavering winter enthusiast, regardless of the fact I get a chest infection every year guaranteed. There are so many things to love about winter. For example, not having to shave as often; sleeping in; vegetable soups, and the feeling of being snuggled by your doona in the cold early mornings to name. Winter is a delight for the senses. Imagine yourself sitting in the bath while it fills up and dilutes the coconut body wash you put in. Or how about this: you’re baking, and you pull down the oven door and the smell of cinnamon scrolls fills your sinuses completely. You are instantly filled with a sense of comfort and ease. Some may not be as enthusiastic as me about winter, because it’s just not their cup of tea. Winter usually means goodbye beach, shorts and early morning rises; giving some people the winter blues. So for all of you summer lovers out there, let it be known there’s heaps of things to do to keep yourself entertained and happy. Here are some winter activities straight from my winter survival guide.

1. Read

It may seem simple, but reading is good for the soul. Get around to that pile of books you bought but never read, or buy a book that you have always wanted to read. Books are very cheap nowadays, so there’s really nothing holding you back. I have a huge list of classics that I never have time to read during the busy work and university periods, because my free time is usually spent outside and away from my desk. Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up in bed with a blanket and a book.

2. Do something creative

It will be a welcome release from the everyday routine, and you might discover you’re a good drawer, painter or writer. Try something different like watercolours, or working with charcoal and getting your hands messy. There’s a heap of crafty classes about as well, where you can take a beginners lesson in scrap booking, cake decorating or photography.

3. Take hot yoga classes

My first (and regrettably only) experience at Hot Yoga was so fantastic. I went with my partner’s mother, and boy did we sweat! At first I thought I would hyperventilate because I went from the comfortable 25 degrees outside to 40 degrees inside, but you acclimatise pretty quickly. We started off at the back of the room, and while there were some pretty impressive yogis taking the class. it didn’t matter that I was an amateur and two litres of my sweat ended up on the ground below me. Afterwards, I felt cleansed and better than I have in a long time. The only problem is the Hot Yoga places in my neighbourhood are very out of my budget, but shop around and you might be able to find a good deal.

4. Pamper yourself

What better excuse to have a hot bath and put a hair treatment in than it being below 10 degrees outside?

5. Cook

In summer it’s sometimes a bit too hot to use an oven for a few hours, especially if you’re a Queenslander like me. Winter is a time for roasts, bakes, soups, hot apple pies, and also a perfect time to experiment with new recipes.

6. Go shopping

This may depend on your circumstances, but it’s always invigorating to buy yourself something new. For the affluence-challenged, op shopping is a great way to get some bang for your buck. I have found some real treasures at op-shops, and I would say around half of my wardrobe is second hand. If you want to spoil yourself on a new coat that is great too; one new, versatile item can really refresh your wardrobe and make it feel like you’re not stuck in the past couple of years' fashion.

There you have it. I hope all of you summer lovers can take some time to appreciate the wonders winter can offer, and do something fun and creative to soothe the soul this chilly season.


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