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dream about the future? eat a healthy balanced diet? get regular exercise? care when the future is so uncertain? care when we could die tomorrow, next month, 5 years from now, 30 years from now, 80 years from now?

Sometimes things happen in our lives or to the lives of others that touch us deeply and we ask that question why? Sometime life seems to mean nothing or to be going anywhere and we ask that question why? Life is mysterious, a miracle, a curse, a box of chocolates..... depending how you look at it.

What if you knew the answer to why?

How would knowing the answer to why change your life? has the potential to be your inspiration to living life fully. For me the answer to the question - why eat a healthy balanced diet?, is because I feel great when I eat well, when I don’t I feel down and sluggish. For me the answer to the question – why dream about the future? , is because it gives me hope and direction.

What about the deeper why’s?

am I here? do I do what I do? For me I work with individuals and groups to know themselves better through mindfulness and meditation. I do this because I believe that when more people connect to themselves and those around them through mindfulness and meditation they are more conscious in the world, they make decisions that benefit themselves, others and the planet.

What are your why’s?

Imagine knowing your why’s? It may give you peace, purpose, motivation, clarity, courage........
You can know your why’s just by listening in. Listening into you. You can listen in by practicing mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis.

One simple exercise for gaining greater understanding of your why’s?

Next time and each time something happens to you and you feel strong emotion or a strong gut feeling about it, take time out. You can stop at the time if you can, or you can return to the feeling at a more convenient time.

1/Begin by tuning in, take a few deep breaths then allow your breathing to return to normal and begin to watch.

2/Watch the emotion within you. Ask yourself where is sits in your body, trusting that an answer will come when you are ready. You may like to then breathe into that area while you continue to watch it.

3/Some additional questions you can ask yourself are what is xxx trying to tell me? What action, if any, do I need to take? has this strong emotion come in response to xxxx?

dream about the future? eat a healthy balanced diet? get regular exercise? care when the future is so uncertain? To feel good, to feel alive, to feel love, to have fun, to experience, to learn, to grow, to connect, to be.........


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