Why Would You Wear That

Why Would You Wear That

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Pink is fine. Just dont judge a book by its cover.

I'm guilty of judging people on their appearances, as I'm sure most of us are. I saw a man the other day wearing a translucent white coat that looked like he had pulled down a shower curtain, and hence had made a coat out of it. And I laughed. Same as I don’t like leggings. I like my style of clothes, and even though I try and branch out as much as I can; I find that I constantly revert back to wearing my comfy blue jeans, strap top and loose flowing t-shirt.

Doesn’t everyone have those days when you spend what seems like hours on your hair; your make up, and picking out what you want to wear; often changing your mind twice or even three times. These days this isn’t just limited to women; however this is now including more and more men.

You go out shopping to find those perfect shoes that will go with that cute little dress you have in the back of the wardrobe, or even boots and a jacket that will match that jumper in your chest-of-draws that you haven’t worn in ages. We spend hours making sure that we look perfect before walking out our front doors in the morning.

Then when you walk out side, or even later in the day; you see other people wearing an outfit that you would have never put together, or you wouldn’t even have considered to buy. Sometimes you see someone wearing an outfit that intrigues you, or even gets you thinking you could try something like it. Whether it be wearing a hoody, shorts and ugg boots; or wearing so many colours that they actually look good, despite the rhymes we were taught as kids:

“Blue and Green should never be seen without another colour in between,” and there are other ones too. If you can think of them, please write a comment and let me know as they have slipped my mind.

The majority of the time you look at someone else wearing an outfit; shoes or even the way they have styled their hair and think “what the …..” or “Why would you wear that?”

Most of the time this is said in your head, or even as a quick exchange between friends. We think if we spend ages making sure that we look good before walking out the door, then why cant everyone else? Yet we never think that these people who we look down on or even judge; yet they may be thinking the same thing about us...that we all look the same in the same colour jeans, or that we all seem to shop at the same shops and get the same clothes that were on special that week.

These people may think that we act like sheep just to fit in, and they are the ones who spend hours looking in the mirror trying to make sure that they look different from everyone else. It seems as though these days everyone is willing to judge everyone, based on face value or even upon clothing.

Thank god for school uniforms being created; otherwise those of us who didn’t always fit in during high school would have had an even tougher time. Children too would have judged us about our clothes, rather than our interest in actually learning - rather then who was the most popular person in our year.


  • Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the book may be judging you too.

  • Everyone has their own style and way of expressing themselves. The people who seem more eccentric are the ones who have more creativity and courage to express their true self.

  • People can be cruel and critical. We can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.

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