Why Remember

Why Remember

Posted 2014-04-25 by Rachael Millsomfollow
On ANZAC Day, we are asked to remember all those who have died in wars and conflicts for us.

Whenever I walk into a war memorial or think about the tragedy of war, I find it upsetting on many levels. I am not fascinated by war, I am disgusted by it. I am always hopeful for more peaceful ways of dealing with conflict. Yet when people with power misuse it, I don’t want us to stand by. I am at conflict with the idea of conflict.

The real tragedy of war is the loss of life, and not just any life, but most often the lives of young people. Young people with their lives and their dreams ahead of them. My Grandfather was a great cyclist, it was his passion, but after coming close to death in the First World War he no longer rode. I can’t imagine what he, or others who survived that war lived through and what they saw. While my Grandfather didn’t die, through his experience of war a large part of him did die.

Let their spirit inspire your life

When I reflect on the loss of life that is “too young” - whether it be through war, conflict or another tragedy; I am reminded of what an amazing, yet fragile gift life is.

On this ANZAC Day, let us reflect on the spirit of those who died. Let us be inspired by their dreams and their courage. Let us now take our opportunity to live our dreams and to live life with courage because we can, because we live.


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