Why Is Music Good For You

Why Is Music Good For You

Posted 2014-01-19 by amilafollow

Without music, life would be a mistake -Friedrich Nietzsche

Music of any form is quite popular with people. It is seen as a therapeutic invention of sorts. It can be singing, listening or creating your own music, and it will provide immediate biological or psychological benefits for you, and in turn everyone else around you.

Music is often seen as an antidote to many of life’s challenges. People sing in the shower, listen to the radio while getting through morning traffic, or listen to sad songs after an emotional moment.

It has the power to convey things that would normally be left unsaid.

Some other benefits of music include:

It improves IQ

Listening to classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven can improve skills, concentration and self-discipline.

It is good for your health

Music can lower blood pressure and boost immunity. According to research, music is used to reduce chronic pain and help with healing cancer.

It is a powerful bonding tool

Music brings people together - friends, potential friends, aunts and nieces. It's not common to hear music playing in the background during family get-togethers.

It boosts happiness

Music has a strong connection with your emotions. Listening to songs you love stimulates production of the pleasure hormone dopamine - the same chemical that is associated with all things good.

It is a stress buster

This is not new. There are hundreds of different relaxation music available in stores and online, as well as being played in spas and yoga classes. This is a good example of how powerful a tool music is when it comes to relaxation.


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