Why Free Will Is Gods Greatest Gift

Why Free Will Is Gods Greatest Gift

Posted 2014-06-11 by Nickedfollow

We weren’t just born. We were born free. As early as logic comes along with us, true freedom comes. It starts from not caring about what people would say on what kind of fashion you wear.

We were all born differently, starting from how we were delivered from our mothers’ womb, to the kind of family we would have, to the opportunities that will come along, and all follows.

Some were born poor, but with realizing the gifts God has given, they rise up to higher forms of lifestyle. God has given us free will to choose to stay where we are, to disregard it by doing bad things, or to change for the better.

Our body alone is a gift, and it becomes our vehicle for change. We discovered from infancy that we can move the way we want to, and that’s how free will works. Rise up and shine, or loam and drift.


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