Who Live In Dark Boxes

Who Live In Dark Boxes

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Too much doze comfort will leave us immobile. We can never learn to walk if we have been afraid to crawl even if it took awhile for us to gain the strength of our bones-- as children, it took awhile for our bones to be ready for faster pace. Children have to play.

As children, we all had that spirit which never cares if we get hurt, we bump our head and even giggle, we get scraped knees, but we stand up again and run to show people that we’re strong. But as we grow up, we finally realize that there are rules; we see that not everything we want will happen the way we want it to.

Some Wives
A house wife who is battered, verbally abused, deprived of her friends’ company, humiliated and taken away from her family—settled herself with the worst because she was sort of sure that she can change her husband.

She forgot that she was once desired by many for her beauty and intelligence. Comfortable enough to think that she deserves what has happen to her however, goes to a therapist and cries herself out.

Your Office
In a job, complains about unjust compensations are evident, but for some strange reason, the complainers find themselves staying anyway.

Key is, get out if you’re not happy, life is too short to waste time frowning and getting angry of what we do not like and drooling over our unreached dreams, and think of our I-could-have-beens that will make us bitter throughout our lives.

Youth is not forever, so you might as well live it now than sit on a chair grumpily when you get old. Time is an unseen box that often we do not set wisely for us to be happy. We can only go a distance by making use of time effectively.

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