White Noise

White Noise

Posted 2013-12-16 by Mathilda K Burtonfollow
Stop and take a moment

Birds in the morning.
Cars driving past.
The washing machine going.
The computer humming away.
Your partner's breathing as they sleep next to you.
Typing on a keyboard.
The kettle brewing.
Bunnies nibbling hay.
Airplanes flying over your head.
The wind whooshing.
The crackling of the fire.
The air-conditioner running.
Your hair moving against the pillow.

All these things are just white noise in the background of your life. You don't really notice them, but they are there, every single day without fail.

It's nice, occasionally, to be reminded about the small consistencies in our daily lives. Things can change so quickly, and therefore it's nice to remember the little things that are always there.

We rush around, forever on the go, generally doing a million things at once, or at least, thinking a million things at once. It isn't often we pause long enough to notice, let alone appreciate, the tiny little things that are a part of our day.

Herein is just a little reminder to take a minute each day to stop thinking and running around, and to listen to all the small noises that are the background to your life.


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