When Counselling is On the Cards

When Counselling is On the Cards

Posted 2014-08-07 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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It’s great to have friends and family to talk to when life gets a bit bumpy, and often having their support is all we need to get back on track. However, there are times when family and friends are not equipped to help us - or they become the problem - and this is when we may need a more professional approach. There is no shame in seeking the guidance of a counselor, in fact counselling can be a useful tool in helping us to better understand ourselves and our thoughts

It’s misleading to think that the only reason to seek counselling is because we are desperate or experiencing a crisis. On the contrary, counselling can help us to work through all sorts of situations. Only you can know when it’s right for you to seek counselling but here is a bit of a guide. If you are feeling any of the following, then seeing a counselor may be on the cards:

- Difficulty sleeping
- Confusion or difficulty in concentrating
- Unexplained sadness or feeling of impending doom
- Relationship or family difficulties
- Work difficulties
- Problems with alcohol, gambling or other addictive behaviours
- Restlessness or stress
- Anger issues

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici

While a counselor can’t solve your problems for you or tell you what to do, they can offer impartial support and a listening ear. They will help you to define your issues and equip you with the tools to find your own solutions.

If you are on a limited income, you can still find a good counselor at affordable rates and you attend only as many sessions as you need. You may only need a few visits or you might decide that a long-term arrangement is more beneficial. Sometimes you may visit a couple of different counselors before you find the one you’re most comfortable with.

If you’re still not convinced, my advice would be this - You won’t know unless you have a go. Try one visit and see how you feel. It just might set you on a whole new path to happiness.


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