What Will You Do This Year

What Will You Do This Year

Posted 2015-01-31 by Mina Keenanfollow

What floats your boat?

Every year I try to do something new - usually to do with some type of craft or technique.

In my mind, this opens up opportunity for possibility, experimentation and experience.

It helps me to build on knowledge I already have and gives me something new to add to my 'creativity' bank.

It provides 'me time' and a 'zone out' period. I am amazed that I still get surprised at some of my output.

This is a type of motivation that is hugely personal and uplifting.

So... what's your thing? Will you start reading? Read more books? Try your hand at something creative? Makeover yourself? or your home?

Pick something - have fun, learn something and get experience.


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