What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight

What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight

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I “ummed” and “ahhed” about what to wear on the plane a while ago on a trip to the other side of the world. 24 hours in the same clothes in close confines with so many other people is a bit daunting whatever you wear but I would like to share some advice about what I have found works best.

Firstly, don’t wear anything that will crease or crush easily (no brainer really).

Don’t wear short tops. Whilst wriggling around trying to find the least uncomfortable position to try to drop a few “Zs” in, you will need good coverage to avoid showing flesh to your multi-cultural neighbours and to avoid a cold draught. The travel blankets they give you are not that big and get quite scrunched up as you move.

Wear comfy slip on shoes with socks or take socks to put on. It is best to remove your shoes during the flight as your feet may swell but you will certainly want to slip them on to go to the toilet as the floor may be wet.

Lace ups are either a nuisance to do up or a danger among so many people if you don’t. Squeezing swollen feet into dainty new shoes at the end of the trip can be horrible, especially as you usually have to walk quite a distance from the plane through immigration, customs, baggage collection and on to your next transport.

Wear clothes that will wash easily as you will not want to wear them again until they are clean.

Natural fibres like cotton are good to absorb any sweat and odours and are also comfortable on your skin.

Don’t wear a dress unless you are in first class. People will overlook the trail of drool slipping down your chin when you nod off but no one wants to see your knickers when you move around in your sleep.
Wear minimal make up and simple hair. You don’t want to get off at the other end looking like you’ve been to a party that ended with an “unexpected sleepover”.

Wear layers. Over the period of the flight you will get hot, cold and in between as your own body tries to deal with the cramped space and constant air conditioning. A comfortable jacket that you can drape over you that can also be scrunched into a ball under your head or behind your back is great to have.

Take your ear phones or ear plugs. I use my earphones as ear plugs. They are also comfortable enough to allow me to put some music on and go to sleep without losing them or squashing my ears as I toss and turn.

Eye shades are also a good idea. Airlines tend not to be giving them out like they used to.

Finally, invest in a neck pillow. I had a memory foam one and it was great. It could be molded into a pillow, swivelled around so it supported my jaw and at the end it scrunched up into my day pack.

Airplanes have great in-flight entertainment now with heaps of movies, TV series and music to choose from so whatever you wear, the time will hopefully go quicker than you expect.

Happy travelling.


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