What To Do When Youre Feeling Down

What To Do When Youre Feeling Down

Posted 2014-02-09 by amilafollow

Some days you may feel low and tired. You feel lazy and not up to doing anything. You get irritated easily, and you just want to be left alone. How do I know this? Because I have felt the same too.

However this doesn't have to be the case. There are certain things I do to brighten my mood and get me back on track to continuing my day.

1. Listen to happy songs

Sounds cliche, but according to research, listening to happy music can actually brighten your mood. Visit the following link to explore hundreds of play lists: http://8tracks.com/explore/happy_music

2. Retail Therapy

Now, we ladies don't really need a reason to shop, but its a whole different experience when you feel sad. When I'm having a bad day and visit the shops, my mood immediately brightens, and I focus on trying out new clothes rather than worrying about something minor.

3. Cooking

Cooking is a quick pick me up for me. I enjoy preparing ingredients and mixing them together to create delicious dishes. It's therapeutic. Life can be quite hectic with work and study, so its nice to have the peace and quiet to be able to do something for yourself, and take your time doing it.

4. Exercise

Even if you are not a normally active person, there are lots of exercises that are quick and effective - even when done for short periods of time. Try going for short brisk walks or jogs. You don't even need to join the gym. There are many YouTube videos with exercises you can do at home.

5. Meet friends

You might want to be left alone, but sometimes good company can help to banish the blues. Who better than your best buds to get you through a tough time. Plan some events together so you are not left alone to dwell on things.


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