What Other People Are Thinking Of You

What Other People Are Thinking Of You

Posted 2014-01-16 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

When I was a lot younger than I am now, I used to worry about walking into a room filled with people and having them look at me. Even if they turned their attention to me for just a second, I would feel uncomfortable and very self conscious. That was until someone told me to put myself in their shoes, and asked me what I thought of a person when they entered a room, and I was the one sitting amongst the crowd. I replied that I didn't really think much at all. I would just really be checking out who it was, and if they weren't acting oddly or I didn't know them, then I would merely glance over and wouldn't really give them another thought. When I realised that this was most likely the case for me when I entered a room full of people, I felt much more at ease.

Now, I'm sure we all worry what people think of us from time to time, but when you put things into the perspective of how you feel about others; it really does make you realise that people aren't spending much time thinking about you at all. Everyone will have their opinions, but they're going to focus on them. It's not really that big a deal after all.

Everyone has their own issues to be concerned with, and unless you are an extremely important person in their life - then all you are is a mere spec in their world.

Not only is it not your business, as the good old saying suggests, but what other people think of you is absolutely insignificant. It just does not matter.

The only thing that matters is what you think of you. You are your business, and you are extremely important to you. Whatever you think yourself to be you will become, and so no one else's thoughts about you matter. They have no effect or relevance, and may as well be dust on the ground in comparison to your thoughts about yourself, which are like rain to the earth and food to the body.

You are busy being you, and they are busy being them. Focus firstly and foremost on yourself, and then on your family and dear friends.


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