What Joys Will Today Bring

What Joys Will Today Bring

Posted 2019-11-24 by Marie Vonowfollow
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Sometimes the negative can mount up. There are times when some really bad stuff happens. Hormones and Depression can prevent a person from enjoying life. In other circumstances one can find joy in all sorts of little things. Do you live in the moment? Do you express gratitude for the little joys in life? Do you enjoy the simple things in life? Do you look for the good things each day?

I experienced joy today in numerous little ways. Some of them were quite unexpected. A few joys led to other joys.

Some of the joys I experienced today
This evening I reflected on the things that had brought me joy. They included -
  • talking to family members
  • the beautiful weather
  • a quick chat with the bus driver when I went into town
  • going to the local produce share where I offloaded jars, cuttings, herbs and gardening magazines and came away with goodies including oregano, chocolate mint and two bunches of dried poppy seed pods. Not only will the pods make an interesting (free) decoration in my home but after the produce share they attracted the attention of a couple of people who then chatted to me when I was shopping. I will plant some of the seeds and hopefully be rewarded with pretty poppies. I wonder what colour they will be?

  • These interesting dried poppy seed heads provided strangers with a reason to talk to me ImageMarie Vonow

  • talking to the people at the produce share and getting some gardening tips
  • picking up three books which were on hold for me at the library. I got further joy this afternoon when I started reading one of the books, a novel by a favourite author.
  • going to a cafe I love, chatting to the friendly owner and enjoying a lovely cappuccino from a pretty cup
  • watching doves, sparrows and crested pigeons in my garden

  • ImageMarie Vonow

  • talking to a local friend on the phone this afternoon and catching up on her news
  • getting a call from two friends who live hundreds of kilometres away, so good to hear what they have been up to
  • noticing new flowers in the garden

  • These nasturtiums have come into bloom ImageMarie Vonow

    One doesn't know what little joys a new day may bring and the things one can feel gratitude for. When I thought back over today to write this article I remembered some events I would have forgotten if I hadn't made the effort to recall the positive things I experienced.


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