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Doing something creative can make a person feel happy and inspired to do other creative things. If you have a hobby which involves being creative you will find yourself taking notice of things in your environment which relate in some way to your hobby. Other people may not see how the particular thing relates to photography, textile art or poetry but you may if that is your hobby.

Different ways of interpreting the same thing
The same thing will be interpreted differently by the writer and the potter. A writer may see an old house and get the idea for a piece of fiction about the house itself or the people who lived in it years ago. Perhaps the writer will create a poem . A potter may decide to make a clay house that looks like the building in front of him or seeing a house may give him the idea of creating a fanciful dwelling.

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Things that can be an inspiration
Just about anything could provide inspiration to spark something creative. Examples include -
  • photos
  • conversations
  • a movie
  • Nature
  • a smell
  • a sound
  • a song
  • a single word
  • a phrase
  • an online image
  • a recipe
  • food
  • an internet article

  • I often find I am inspired to write on a particular topic when I come across a quote, gif or image online. If I can't write about it straight away I save it for future use. Sometimes I look through a folder to get inspiration for my next article.

    This gif could lead to an article about beauty, Nature, seeing what others dont see, art, positive outlook or being inspired Giphy

    What boosts creativity?
    If you are feeling uninspired, perhaps you are trying too hard. You may benefit from -
  • a nap.
  • taking a walk
  • looking at photos
  • listening to music
  • playing with children or a pet
  • It's best not to think about doing the activity with the aim of being creative.

    Some studies suggest a messy work environment boosts creativity whilst others say an organised area allows energy and creativity to flow. I wonder if it depends on the personality of the person? Perhaps that can change. I have never been an overly tidy person. I used to be quite happy working in a disorganised area. However, since decluttering I find my house is more organised and I now prefer a fairly tidy environment when I am being creative, as well as at other times. I find piles of stuff not related to my current project distracts me but years ago it didn't bother me.

    Creativity has a place not just in all types of art and writing but also in the workplace for problem solving and inventing something new.

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