What ever happened to the mornings

What ever happened to the mornings

Posted 2013-12-13 by Mathilda K Burtonfollow

Scenario: Girl wakes in the morning after a night out, having met a guy the night before. She wakes up alone, he is gone. She is happy about it.

Sometimes I feel like we all just grew up way too fast. If I’m contemplating this at twenty, what must the thirty year olds be feeling? They’ve been at this longer than me.

Why can’t our lives be like Sex and the City? When a guy would take a girl out on three dates before assuming he would quite possibly get laid at the end of the night. Where a guy would have to prove himself, and vice versa.

Is it us girls that have changed, or them?

Or maybe it’s just guys my age. Maybe I’m ‘dating’ the wrong ones. Maybe I’m going to the wrong places and talking to the wrong guys.

While I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with a casual encounter, I just don’t understand how this has become the norm.

It is almost like girls have just stopped caring, possibly even given-up on the prospect of potentially finding a gentleman who likes to take you out and show you off, who likes to know a little about the girl he’s trying to sleep with. Geez, do guys like that even exist anymore?

Maybe I’m being old fashioned…but somehow that doesn’t really sit right with me, because if being old fashioned means getting to know a guy, then that’s terribly wrong.

I know I am incredibly lucky to have met my partner and gotten to know him, been his friend, long before we got together.

He shows me off, he takes care of me, he respects me...and he always has done these things, even when we were just friends. He is a very good man, and he treats all women with the utmost respect.

A lot of girls I speak to don't have that - they go on date after date, trying to meet a new guy to enchant them, to make them feel special. But for some reason, the guys my age just don't seem to know how to do that. They are only in it for an easy girl who will offer it up because she is so desperate to get a guy to fall for her.

There are two points here:

1. Girls are dying to get a good man to notice them, love them, look after them, be with them. This, in all honesty, needs to change immediately. Girls don't need a guy to make them feel special - you already are special!!

Even when I was single, I never needed a guy - ask all my friends and family. I had my work, my schooling, my hobbies, my friends, books, and my family...I had enough things in my life to focus on, keep me occupied, make me feel special and worthy.
You do not need a man for any of that.

2. Young guys seem to have no idea about honest chivalry. I don't know if it is has something to do with the media, or video games, or TV shows, but for some reason, guys don't seem to know that opening a door for a girl kind of make her entire day better.

Girls don't care about how loud you can be, how much money you can flash around, or whatever. We care about your passions, your work ethic, what makes you tick, that you chew with your mouth closed when you're in public, that you shower and look after your appearance, about your family, about your hopes and dreams.

Girls want to get to know a guy before they jump into bed with them, and dating is how we decide if a guy is decent enough to allow into the most private place - our bedrooms.

Basically, something needs to change, because if it doesn't, what will the next generation be like?


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