What Are You Going To Do Today

What Are You Going To Do Today

Posted 2014-01-13 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

I woke up this morning, and as I tend to do I checked my Facebook as if it were the morning paper. My cousin had shared a very interesting Youtube clip. It was short and sweet, but completely changed my perspective on life. After watching this I want to carry out my day very differently.

In this clip they use jelly beans to represent the average amount of days we have in our lives. They spread them out across the floor, then little by little sectioned them off into categories of how much time we spend eating, working, grooming, shopping, cooking, sleeping, until all they have left are the days we have spare. It seems so little. Then they proceed to section these off by how much time you've probably already wasted worrying and other things we tend to waste time with.

This message using jelly beans was quite powerful. It made me think about everything that I do, and whether or not I am enjoying myself as I do it.

I Hate My Job
It's not so much that I don't like what I do, but I don't really enjoy it either. The worst part of my job is that some of the people I work with are not very nice people. And those who are in charge constantly put everyone down. There is no praise or reward system. You are made to feel that you are constantly not meeting their expectations, and you are not good enough. Luckily, I have had enough, and recently found another job. I am yet to start this new job, and haven't resigned from my current workplace as yet, so for now I must put up with it. But after seeing this jelly bean clip I'm going to make sure that the rest of my time at this job is not wasted. I am going to find ways to enjoy myself there, and not worry so much. What a waste of time it would be for me spend all of these precious hours just feeling down and unappreciated.

Cooking & Eating
Too often I find deciding what to cook for dinner a hassle, and sometimes just try to make something quick and easy, then we eat in the lounge room while watching t.v. Not anymore. I'm going to take pride in what I cook each and every day, and we are going to eat at the table with each other, talking and laughing, enjoying our food.

Spending time in a boring old supermarket doesn't have to be so mundane and riddled with routine. I'm going to make sure my shopping trips are going to be fun and interesting from now on. And I'm not going to buy the same old stuff. Each trip I'm going to make sure I purchase at least one item I've never tried before, and that I walk out of the shop feeling as though I've either learned something new or at least made someone smile.

Everything we do can be made to be enjoyable, I've realised.

At the end of the Youtube clip they were left with one jelly bean, which represented the last day you had left, and posed the question How will you spend it

That old saying Live each day as though it's your last comes to mind.

I don't want to waste one more jelly bean.


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