Wellbeing By The Creek

Wellbeing By The Creek

Posted 2014-05-30 by Rachael Millsomfollow
Most of you will have felt it, that something that happens when you take time out to be in a beautiful outdoor space, be in a garden, your Local Park or nature reserve. Whatever it is that you feel it is usually better than before you got there. Today I would like to explore some whys to the benefits of nature.

When you go into a natural place there are some benefits that just come with the territory:
  • The air quality and freshness is better;
  • We are outside and getting some sun, which is particularly important during winter and getting enough Vitamin D;
  • Usually we get some exercise too.... there are not many couches in the bush;
  • Fresh air, exercise and natural light are great factors to help with that good night’s sleep too.

  • These are pretty good benefits and reasons for getting into some green space just on their own, yet there is something more that nature offers us.

    What my local creek offers me

    Down by my local creek I become more present; worries seem to float away and are replaced by a sense of peace. My local creek is by no means pristine, yet it is there, it continues. I wonder if the fact that it is present, that it doesn’t have an idea of being a certain way, it just is, rubs off onto me when I am in its presence. A tree doesn’t wish to be taller or shorter it just wishes to be and in the presence of the tree being I can just be too.

    Nature gives you the opportunity to shed and to connect

    You might take your phone into the bush or your local park but you are not in your car, your house or surrounded by whatever other stuff it is that you have. There is something about not having this “stuff” around you that can allow you to get to what is important, what you feel, the essence of you. By shedding your “stuff” you can more easily shed to the core of you. Yet as with any connection you need to allow it.

    You can go and hang out with your friends and not let them in, or not notice that one of your friends is either elated or really down. It can be like that in nature too, you can plug into the world and watch your feet as they move one in front of the other, shutting out nature. Or you can be tuned into your senses, notice the temperature, the smells, the sounds and notice your reactions to them; you can let nature in.

    Don’t take my word for it

    Today go into your garden, or down to your Local Park or bushland, and just stop and notice. Be aware of you and be aware of nature and its impact on you. If you can leave behind your phone and any other possessions you usually carry around with you. Go and have an intention to simply be and to notice your surroundings.


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