Week One Road Back To Fitness

Week One Road Back To Fitness

Posted 2014-06-08 by Justine lovittfollow
It's been a while, but I completed half of my first Zumba class - and I'm proud of myself

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Well I had my first Zumba class today. As I had anticipated, it was extremely enjoyable, incorporating a variety of dance moves in a beautiful park nearby. To make it even more pleasurable for me, my friend joined me - I always wanted exercise to be actually fun, and now I have indeed found an activity that has lived up to all the wonderful things people have said about it.

Unlike most of the class, however, I completed about fifty percent of it. I felt guilty. Was I imagining that I had an inner critic pushing me?

About an hour later, I truly can assert that I had never felt as good in my entire life that I did after that exercise.

However, around noon, an incredible sleepiness overwhelmed me. It might as well have been ten o'clock at night. It is with some shame I admit I drank a lot of coffee that day.

That is my report, at least for week one, about my road back to fitness - it's going to take a while - but that's okay.

If I think rationally about it, instead of using only my feelings, there was a lot of evidence these ladies % had done Zumba before.

1. They knew where to meet
2. They knew the upcoming schedule
3. They knew each other

The most rational fact is, like any muscle, the heart takes time to develop as does lung capacity.

It's week one. It's only the beginning of the journey.

Importantly, I don't feel guilty. However, just as vitally, I am determined not to give up this much journey.


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