Warning Tips on Raising Future Criminals

Warning Tips on Raising Future Criminals

Posted 2017-03-01 by Nickedfollow

Parents would wonder on what goes wrong about their children when they get caught facing allegations involving crimes. This is not to solely blame parents on the misdeeds of their children, however, may it be a well-mannered person or a criminal, both were raised to be. Parents are not the only people in a person’s life, instead, the whole environment is. Here is a list of ways on how to raise the future criminals.

1. Keep them hungry.
A person with an empty stomach will never care about filling the mind with knowledge. Animals live to eat and consume other animal species. The difference between animals and humans will be the higher-order capacity for cognition. A child left alone in the streets to beg for food, constantly being rejected by the people who pass around will imperatively view the world as cruel and the way to cope with such upbringing will certainly be modelled by the people who keep on shooing him or her away. This child will then be uncaring, and would even learn to steal because of hunger.

2. Keep them angry: Hurt them.
Criminals, apart from the rare ones with neurochemical concerns were once vulnerable as children and yet being constantly exposed to physical abuse. These people become distrustful towards others, in turn making them apathetic with blunt emotions. This is in lieu to the experiences they had of people. Without being given love, how can anybody pay it forward?

3. Disappoint them. Tell them what you wouldn’t do.
Yes, it is still a good thing to show children that once in awhile, promises are broken. However, make it a habit and they will learn to lie. Remember that broken promises, technically are lies said in the most subtle and sweet ways at the time it was said. Some things just won’t work, but a child is smart enough to spot lies which they can use in times of need. Giving them a storehouse of lies is a good way to breed them towards the path of becoming liars, plunderers, and at that point in their lives, they wouldn’t care about being called such names. Ask them to tell the truth when you need it, and they wouldn’t cringe while lying on your face.

4. Whenever they need love, reject them.
When we were born, we needed our mother’s warmth to be alive. This is a bit symbolical, but empathy can be learned by children through modelling. They cannot give off love towards others if they weren’t given so. Without being shown love, criminals’ orientation is about being in a dangerous world. Approaching people with violence, communicating through angry tone, and a lot more.

Parents are often unaware about raising monsters at home. It is just disturbing that people are doing these four things without forecasting consequences. This may be a consequence of having to deal with a lot of issues while raising children. Unreadiness about parenthood does not only come out during teenage years. Seemed-to-be ready parents are not exempted from this. Triggers of being neglectful may come across throughout of lives, the cognitive controls that we have about our natural tendencies of being aggressive must be strengthened. Parents and adults have the responsibility to raise future loving vanguards of nature, or destructive criminals without remorse.

Every generation has a duty to raise the succeeding ones. Everything we criticize about the youth nowadays are somehow reflections of the environment we have created. Creating an environment of love has always been the best way to make the world better for the next generation. We have to fight tooth-for-tooth to make it better, and that is when true strength comes out rather than in the compass of a chaotic environment.


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