Wander in a Daze Through Life

Wander in a Daze Through Life

Posted 2014-03-31 by angelstarfollow
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Today I am sitting at my desk just looking into the blue sea in New South Wales, Australia. I can hear the sounds of the waves crashing onshore. Don’t know about you, but whenever I see or hear the ocean I totally become entranced.

My mind sort of goes into a daze of blisss and enjoyment. The little mind starts to wander adrift about my past and also my future. I quite often tend to think about any bad things that went wrong or where life had become too difficult for me to handle. Then I start to imagine weird and strange scenarios as to whether I would be here at this place, at this time in my world right now.

I, like everyone else have had nasty and horrible situations appear in my lifetime where I had to stay really focused and immensely positive. Wow it sure was hard though. I got there, but I may have been a bit slow too. I often see a picture of images and captions rolling around in my head. Sometimes it feels like it will burst with emotions, but I am aware of it, and therefore I try to ground myself when needed.

The point I am making is we are all the same. We go through very similar situations, and get closer to people the same, and we also split apart.

Importantly we help each other out when we can. Our hearts are massive, filling up with love and joy.

Wouldn’t it be great to stay in that emotion at all times?

Sounds impossible, but no it is not. Just a little move on your part. Now I want you to practise staying grounded for a long time, and then you can reap the rewards that life will provide for you and rest easy knowing that you are well protected and loved by all.


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