Walking in Circles

Walking in Circles

Posted 2014-01-13 by Madeleinefollow
By David Derbyshire


Humans are all creatures of habit, everything we do is done in routine, and can you blame us? I mean it is literally in our nature, look at it, the seasons are in a constant loop, our days, our months, our years, everything repeats its self, it makes you wonder if we are even progressing or simply going around in circles, merely exercising every possible timeline. It seems quite normal to us when we do not stop and take notice of our actions, but the moment you look at yourself, your lifestyle, surely you must feel like nothing more than a robot, a mindless drone doing things without a second thought.

You get up at the same time every day, you go to school or work, you eat lunch at the same time, Hell, even my cats come to the fridge at precisely 5pm every afternoon because they know it is time to be fed! Don’t you ever just want to shake up the routine? But aren’t you scared that as soon as you break the cycle, anything can happen?

Who knows, maybe visiting a different coffee shop on your lunch break might lead to your untimely demise, or possibly lead to the greatest moment of your life. Maybe the man or woman of your dreams is sitting there in that coffee shop? Maybe catching the second bus to your next stop can take you on an adventure, but we would never know for routine is comfortable, and being comfortable is safe.

But who here is willing to take that chance? To jump off the hamster wheel and try something new? May it be as simple as sleeping on the right side of the bed instead of the left, or vice versa, as hard as it is for us to come to terms with it, change is good, change is healthy, no one wants to be stuck in a continuous cycle for the rest of their lives, and sometimes we can’t help but be sucked into its deceptive hex. We feel as though routine is being organised, and I guess that is true, but how are you expected to be alive, and I mean alive, not just breathing, if you do things mindlessly?

So I give you this challenge, once a week try something a little different, instead of cooking a pasta dish every Friday night, cook a rice dish, instead of jogging on the same route every day, take a different path, whatever it may be, just break the routine once in a while before you forget how to truly be alive.


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