Use your Commute

Use your Commute

Posted 2017-09-27 by Alex Brightfollow
Be clever, creative, a little bit fitter, before you even reach your desk

Don't waste your journey to work dreading the day ahead. Be astute and use your commute.

1. Murder your to-do list
Write letters of complaint or appreciation. Unsubscribe from all those spammy updates and 'news'letters. Finally read the instructions for gadgets that get the better of you.

2. Swap transport networks for more social ones
Running, cycling and scooter commuting can give your health a boost as well as your popularity. Start a group commute with family, friends or colleagues,

3. Upskill
Give a twist to your talents by adding new ones that complement them. Think photography and coding. Music and sound editing. Writing and proofreading. Get started with a commute-friendly book, e-course or app.

4. Get crafty
Embroider a cheeky slogan onto something (not the person next to you). You could design your own greetings cards or learn to draw. Properly.

5. Release your inner JK Rowling
Remember that novel you boasted you would write? Just saying...

6. Learn a language
Mix it up with flashcards, news articles, podcasts and video. Add an app like Memrise or Duolingo and you can conjugate verbs to your heart's content.

7. Become an audio bookworm
Free digital audiobook services are available with many public library memberships. Perfect if you can never get a seat on the train.

8. So you want to start a business or change career?
Use the time spent travelling to your rotten job to plot your escape from it. Draft a winning personal statement, CV or business plan. Soon you'll be gleefully writing your letter of resignation.

9. Confront your gremlins
Salvation might be self-help manuals or an online mentor. Perhaps it’s about tackling facts and figures you never really learned at school. Time spent crushing your worries will leave you feeling lighter.


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