Unconventional Motivation

Unconventional Motivation

Posted 2014-02-04 by Akshay Chougaonkarfollow
We are merely a tiny speck of Life

Our lives have savoured us. They have savoured us to the extent that we’ve forgotten that it is our own life. These are the times of struggle. Every day, a race is triggered...a race to a finish which is dubious. We are so busy that we forget to look around ourselves for motivation when we are down in our lives. Every one of us has something or someone as our inspiration; the guiding light whose deeds or words aid us in walking through the times of pathos successfully. But, we humans are, ourselves, a tiny speck of the ceaseless entity called Life. Thus Life has, within itself, those supreme inspirations which are beyond comparisons. We run around looking for someone to mend our broken determination. Little do we know that there’s something right next to us which can provide much needed buoyancy in our lives: Nature. I am not trying to be allegoric when I say that. It’s something very practical; something that I’ve been using in practice ever since I started writing about it.

The gush of your life might be clogged due to any trivial reason. Close your eyes and feel the nature around. You can feel the peace flowing into you just as the sunshine flows into the trees. Winds will instill in you. Freshness and life would be rendered vivid like an autumn scene. You don’t have to necessarily watch an inspirational video or a movie to get that morale boost. Look at the grass. The mute, immobile poor creations are always stepped upon; crushed and humiliated by humans and animals all the time. But, they never lay trodden do they? They rise up and face the world every time. They get rewarded for their unwavering attitude with scintillating pearls in the morning. To know the real meaning of being happy and living life in high spirits, these are the trees to look at. How blissfully do they smile after the rains, adorned by sparkling rain drops. This may all sound very vague at the first read. I don’t blame you. It is how our lives are molded. We are so busy perceiving the life as a race with that un-perceivable finish that we have forgotten the very fact that we are alive. The air around has been converted to a prison like illusion by ourselves.

I’d like to cite my own example before you start to shrug this article off merely as another philosophical dialogue. There was this day, when my mind was battling chaos; there were a lot of things to worry about. Then I saw an egret; a slender, stunningly white bird seen very often where I live. For a moment, a blissful smile lit my face. It was one of those smiles which sprout when you are genuinely happy, and for some time all of the chaos in my mind vanished. There are a lot of unconventional sources of motivation all around you. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Its all a matter of perspective


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