This Is A New Day

This Is A New Day

Posted 2014-09-25 by angelstarfollow

I make a conscious effort every morning to breathe deep and say thank you. I repeat these words over and over till it is time for me to take a shower. During the shower I think about why I am saying thank you. Do you do the same or have you got a different routine to be thankful?

I think about the love I get from my family, partner, friends, work colleagues, my dogs, neighbours, even strangers that have helped me in the past. It is so important to be grateful for everyone in our lives because they come on our journey of discovery too.

To be happy and healthy is a real bonus. Incidents and events in our lives determine how happy or sad we will be. We must acknowledge all our pain and anger deep down and channel it to other avenues as we face challenges.

It is important to maintain a positive and kind approach. There are some really good natured and welcoming people out there, focus on the good side of people.

It is very easy to go down the wrong path but harder to stay on the right one, choose wisely to make your life fulfilled with happiness and peace both internally and externally. Be kind to one another today.

Our lives are made up of little bits of a jigsaw , a piece here, a piece there. Remember you have all that you need to put all the pieces together in a positive way for a good life that you deserve.


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