Things Some People No Longer Buy

Things Some People No Longer Buy

Posted 2020-02-07 by Marie Vonowfollow
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There are some interesting You Tube videos where people talk about things they have stopped buying. They are talking about stuff they once spent money on but don't now, not items they have never bought. Not buying certain things may be out of concern for the environment, to improve their health, or to save money or adopt a minimalist lifestyle. There may be another reason or a combination of reasons. Many state they are not saying it's wrong to buy these things, just that they don’t any more.

Things some people say they are no longer buying

  • hair products other than shampoo and conditioner. Some don't buy or use shampoo or conditioner at all. There are varying views on whether this is a good idea or not.
  • dry shampoo. This was from someone who still uses standard shampoo.
  • any type of make up
  • nail polish
  • false nails
  • hair extensions
  • make up wipes, make up remover
  • face masks
  • bath salts, cubes etc
  • shaving cream, use coconut oil instead
  • logo t-shirts advertising places and products
  • cheap clothing which may be produced in sweat shops and which won't last long
  • high heels
  • handbags. Some women who used to own a collection of these now just have one that goes with everything they wear.
  • jewellery. Some people have parted with much of their jewellery and aren't going to replace it.
  • extra pairs of glasses to coordinate with different outfits
  • collection of mobile phone cases, now just have one

  • fizzy drinks and juice
  • coffee filters
  • coffee pods
  • tea bags, may use loose tea and a tea pot
  • takeaway coffee
  • prepared salads in plastic bags or bowls
  • vitamins unless prescribed by a doctor to address a deficiency

  • plastic bin liners
  • plastic shopping bags
  • plastic wrap
  • bottled water
  • cleaning products. Some are now making their own using natural products such as vinegar, lemon juice and bi carb soda
  • tumble drier sheets
  • air freshener
  • scented drawer liners
  • scented candles, scented oils

  • calendars
  • adult colouring books
  • house plants
  • notebooks
  • magazines
  • books, using the library instead
  • cheap furniture

  • home gym equipment
  • fancy kitchen gadgets
  • fridge magnets
  • souvenirs
  • car accessories such as steering wheel cover, seat covers

  • I find these videos interesting, both in terms of what people no longer feel they need (and why) and what some people have been in the habit of spending big money on. After thinking about this topic, I made up my own list.
    Things I No Longer Buy

    Buying less may be about saving money or something else. It seems to me more people question if it is ethical to buy certain items than in the past. More are thinking about their health or the example they are setting their children. For others the motivation to buy less or to avoid purchasing specific items may be the influence of friends, a group they are part of or a trend they have heard about. And some simply can't afford anything beyond the essentials of life.


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