The Winter Blues An Opportunity

The Winter Blues An Opportunity

Posted 2014-04-28 by Rachael Millsomfollow
Is winter for you a time when you often hibernate? Spend more time indoors, and less time with others? What if it was natural to have a time of slowing down, and to use this as an opportunity?

During winter, we tend to spend more hours in bed; eat yummy warm soups, and maybe some other comfort foods too. For some of you it can also be a time where you can feel a bit low.

Our bodies need time to regenerate, and winter is a great time for this. Give yourself lots of love, and some nice warm baths. Light some lovely candles of an evening as they hold a beautiful warm glow.

Winter can also be a time to stop and reflect. For those of you who might get the Winter Blues this winter, take it as an opportunity. Okay, so it might not always feel good to stop and reflect; it can feel better to just keep going and keep running, however by stopping and working through your feelings you will gain insights and be able to move forward; maybe even be inspired to make changes.

This winter take the down time as an opportunity.

One (or many) evenings - instead of sitting down in front of a movie with some nibble food (of course do this occasionally); find a quiet spot in your house; light a candle, and just be with you.

Some ideas for making the most of this time:

  • Take out a piece of paper or journal, and just allow yourself to purge onto the paper. That is just write whatever is your head - no thinking just writing. You might surprise yourself.

  • Re-think your values and how you live them. This is one exercise we can all benefit from doing regularly. Write down your values, and especially note your top three values. Next to each of these three values write how these values currently play out in your life, and also how you plan to prioritise your values more in the second half of the year.

  • Practice meditation. One simple meditation is to focus on your breathing. You might like to say to yourself breathing in, breathing out. When you notice your mind wander, just gently bring it back to your breath.

  • Turn on some music, and give yourself the freedom to move, however your body likes. Shut the doors if you don’t want anyone watching, and just as much as you can be in the moment and movement with the music.

  • This winter, take the slowing down as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.


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