The Upside To Tragedy

The Upside To Tragedy

Posted 2014-01-14 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

Indonesia is a popular holiday destination, where people from all over head to for some fun in the sun by the beach, enjoying the good people and places that resemble paradise. It was the holiday season, and thousands of people were enjoying themselves when an unbelievable tragedy slammed upon the shore.

On the 24th December (Boxing Day) in 2004 an undersea megathrust earthquake struck in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. I don't think anyone can forget this day. Fourteen countries were affected, leaving a death toll of over 230, 000 people. The events that unfolded were beyond a person's worst nightmare.

From this came stories of complete horror, loss and extreme pain, but amongst those stories are also tales of heroism, bravery, strength, love and hope. Perfect strangers risked their own lives to save someone they didn't know anything about, people from all different walks of life band together. There was no thought of separation through religion, race, likes or dislikes. Everything became very simple. We are all human, and each share the same basic needs.

From tragedy can come triumph. It can bring people together. Tragedy reminds us of what is important, as we can so easily forget and take for granted the luxuries we have, the life we live.

I recently lost my aunty, and it has reminded my family that all we will have left one day are memories. We want to make sure that the good will out weigh the bad. It's reminded us all that we need to spend more time together in a positive way.

And I also recently heard the devastating news that a girl I went to primary school with tragically lost her life at the ripe age of 31 due to a severe epileptic seizure. I am now gathering together all of the people who were in the same year in primary school to form a day for Amelia, which will carry on her memory always. So many of the people who I remember as kids are coming out of the wood work to get on board with planning this day and we are all talking for the first time in over 20 years.

There is an upside to tragedy you just need to look for it. Turn your attention to what good you can make of a bad situation and you will find gold amongst the black. There is no going back, but you can move forward in a different way. Remember that this too shall pass and everything will be okay.






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