The Unconscious Mind Demystified

The Unconscious Mind Demystified

Posted 2014-02-06 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image The Secret Facebook Page. The mystery behind our unconscious mind is now revealed. No need to experience information overload. Simply change the memory packet to what you want.

The unknown, misunderstood and underestimated part of our mind is indeed the unconscious mind. As humans we are exposed to information, and lots of it. According to the theories behind Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), our minds are exposed to two million bits of information per second, yet can only take in 134 bits of this information in simultaneously. Thereby, if two million bits of toothpicks flow through your fingers in a second, you will only catch 134 of them. This is law.

This is all our conscious mind - the rational, aware and thinking part of our mind is able to absorb. That's right, just 134 bits. Therefore, the next level of the mind (the unconscious or often referred to as the superconscious mind) assists the conscious, aware mind by acting as a filter via already stored memory packets from our past, from either positive or negative beliefs and emotions. This is why it might feel like you're walking around in circles sometimes. Your actions are great, and you're thinking positive thoughts and working hard for your financial abundance, however, if the memory packets from the past such as "money does not grow on trees" are embedded into your unconscious mind, then all of your good efforts and intentions might cause some frustrations for you. The good news is you can easily change your mind, and after sustained efforts for the new positive memory packet around money (in this example) to overwrite the old memory packet of lack and not enough - your unconscious mind will pick up your new programming and take it on. Hooray.

In such situations of misfortune, if your unconscious mind could talk to you it would say "you made that clear. This is what you have been focusing on."

With any new change and way of living, the unconscious mind needs constant repetition for such new change/s to form as a daily habit on autopilot - constructive or otherwise. For example, think back to when you had to first learn how to drive a car. It took immense amounts of your concentration at first, and now you drive a car with hardly any effort while multitasking (speaking on the mobile phone, drinking that coffee and applying that make up to name) without even thinking about it. That's right, this is the unconscious mind at work. With right directed thoughts and beliefs, this level of your mind is your best friend.

Another example. Say you're 11 years of age, and you're in an art class at primary school. Your art teacher could have been having a bad day, or could have been heartless in this situation - you never know. Say this same art teacher sees your painting and tells you (humiliating you in front of the class) that it is horrible. The class is laughing at you. Say you fall in love with an artist - guess what is going to happen? That is right, you might (deep down) feel that you're not good enough for them unless you do everything that you can to change that memory packet of the art teacher incident when you were 11 years of age. A friend of mine had a similar situation at school at that time, yet I've recently seen her art portfolio, and it is definitely heaps better than mine, yet I am a freelance creative director and editor. She goes to interviews, and they love her work; but her interview performance lets her down when it comes to any creative jobs she applies for. Since then, I've started to help her change her belief systems around her creativity. This can take 90 days at least. in NLP, some people say it is a minimum of 30 days when positive changes start to take effect. Not long in contrast. Changing that belief around money from not enough to abundance takes at least 90 days of consistent thoughts and affirmations on and towards abundance on a daily basis with focus, effort and determination. It is worth it because this is your life we are talking about.

Watch your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitude and what you say to yourself and to others on a daily basis - as your unconscious mind will take such actions on. Remember, the unconscious mind does not know the difference between a joke and whether or not you're serious about something.


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