The Ultimate Game of Madness III Telling vs Warning

The Ultimate Game of Madness III Telling vs Warning

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We have all heard about selective amnesia. But there is something else that is viral in families today: selective hearing. Somehow men seem to choose not to hear things that is of no interest to them, and women never give up on saying these things.

Sara throws the vegetable cutting board, and it flies across the kitchen floor.

This is what happened...

That morning Sara was on the way to work listening to some good music. It was her me time. She feels that this is the time she really has for herself, and it is mostly spent introspecting, wondering why her girlfriends didn't call or about the recent gossip she heard. It's just a time she prefers to spend with herself in harmony. Disturbance during this time isn't very much appreciated.

So in her me time her mobile rang and it was Mike.

Mike : "Sara we have to move things around tonight. We are not going to your parents' for dinner."

Everything he said after that wasn't even heard or processed. That's it. The buzz began right there.

She says "fine" and disconnects the call thinking she will deal with it later and tries to keep her cool and walks into her office. Later that afternoon, she calls Mike during lunch.

Sara : " Mike, don't forget to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners on your way back. I need that suit for my presentation tomorrow."

Busy Mike : "Sure, gotta go. Will talk to you later."

Sara thinks to herself that he didn't pause; say sorry for not coming to her parents house; didn't ask her if she had lunch and basically felt he didn't care about her. Her phone call to him was to give him an opportunity to explain himself. Moreover, the phone call was actually to cool herself down too by listening to his explanation, and it didn't go as planned.

She went back to work. After spending the rest of the day dealing with people of all kinds, she left home.

At home, Mike was already there before her. He had finished early and was relaxing on the couch, watching TV. Sara's system ignores that he is so comfortable and gets to the kitchen to make dinner.

While she cuts vegetables...

Sara : " Mike ..." "Mike...."

Mike was watching the TV seriously and didn't respond.

Sara : "M I K E"

Mike : "Why are you yelling Sara, I am right here?"

Sara : " I have been screaming my lungs out to get your attention. Why can't you hear me?"

Mike :" I really didn't. "

Sara : "Fine. Just help me with this."

Mike : "Give me two minutes I will be there."

After about ten minutes...

Sara : "Mike, don't make me yell. I really need you here."

Mike: " Ok ok, what do you want me to do here?"

After a list of meticulous instructions from Sara, Mike finishes helping and goes back to watching his TV. Sara hoped he would ask her more about her day and talk to her.

Sara : "Mike can you please switch off the TV or mute it. I am beginning to have a headache."

I am not telling you, I am warning you :: Now this is the time, Sara is not telling but warning him. It just means you better switch off the TV, and I am super mad at you.

Sara : "Mike I said switch off the TV."
(No 'please' this time)

Mike : " I will reduce the volume. I really have to watch this last bit. "

After some TV noise and after cutting two carrots, the silence is broken.

Sara : "Mike, did you get my suit from the dry cleaners??"

Mike : " Ohhh my holyyyy God. I am soooo sorry baby, I forgot. I was really in a hurry and seriously forgot. I will surely pick it up for you tomorrow. You should have reminded me."

Sara stops cutting the vegetables. And this is when the vegetable board makes its flight.

Sara : "Are you kidding me?? Seriously ?? I made sure that I called you, and reminded you during lunch. You don't even bother talking to me or saying anything else or explaining yourself for not going to my parents. And you were in a hurry to come home?? For what Mike, just to lay yourself comfortably in the couch to watch TV while I sweat it out in the kitchen. I ask you for one thing and you screw it up."

Sara is so angry and furious. Her anger turns to tears. Just then the phone rings. It's Sara's mum.

"Sara dear, we are on the way to the movies. We will see you there soon. You take care hun."

Sara : "Aaahhh, Ok ma. "

She turns to Mike and looks at him puzzled for an explanation atleast now.

Mike finally gets to explain: "Sara you felt that we always do family dinners at your parents for special occasions. So I just thought we could do something different like a movie. Your dad called me for dropping off the tools, and I just gave him this idea and your parents loved it. I called you in the morning to tell you, but you slammed the phone and then I got busy. Anyways, I was going to tell you at dinner.

Sometimes we misunderstand our partners actions. It just annoys us because they don't do certain things our way. But they try, and in reality their intentions are always good. Although the telling becomes a warning at times, it will all be fine at the end.

Sara apologies to Mike, and they have a happy dinner. She then walks into their room to get ready to go to the movies.

Sara : "M I K E E E E E "

and this is when she sees his wet towel on her ironed clothes, and the ultimate game of madness begins.

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