The Ultimate Game of Madness II The Relationship Language

The Ultimate Game of Madness II The Relationship Language

Posted 2014-03-22 by Artfollow
Photo by David Castillo Dominici,

While there are so many languages in this world, there is one language which all of us speak, the language of relationships. It is short, sweet , sharp, sour and simply a pot of surprises. You can never pick the right one at the right time.

The weather prediction in a relationship is tough luck. Though you know your partner well, forecasting how they react is difficult. Mothers often tell children "If dad knows this, he is going to be very very upset ".And when daddy comes home, he hugs his little daughter and tells her "It's absolutely ok baby" and makes mummy look like you know what. Often the prediction is a miss but there are times, when we might be just right.

Sara was home and on the phone with her best friend. Obviously, their conversation bored Mike and he picked the TV remote to watch the game. Just then, a knock on the door made them look at each other wondering who is going to answer the door. As always Sara got off the bed and walked to the door to see a cop standing. A little worried, she quickly told her BFF "Babe the cops are here, I will call you later".

Surprised and perplexed,Sara called for Mike.

"Mike ,the cops are here" .An annoyed Mike replied, "If this is your trick to make me get off the bed, sorry honey it isn't going to work ".

Sara a little embarrassed in front of the officer and in her 'better listen to me' voice says: "Mike it's reaaaally the cops ".

Whining and in his lazy shorts, Mike walked out of the room and was surprised to really see a cop. He looked at Sara and asked her, "What did you do now ?"

Sara : Why should a cop be here for me??I think they are here for you. What did you do now??"

Mike : "Funny you should say that after the incident where you bumped into a car while reversing. I knew it when you took the Merc out that you were going to bring trouble.You really need to work on your reversing skills"

Sara : "What's it with you men? Why is that you always think that women can't drive sanely? That time wasn't my fault. I couldn't see clearly because of all the mist in the windows. The demisters didn't work. You were suppose to fix it, so technically it is your fault.

She then furiously turned to the officer and said, " Ma'am why is it that women always have to be mocked about their driving?

Even before the puzzled officer could say anything,

Mike : Yeah right. The last time you took the Merc out, my heart almost skipped a beat. The car is a piece of art Sara. It's ok if you don't respect it, atleast appreciate it.

Sara : Oh please. Please don't start off with the car and its beauty .I wish you loved me as much as you love your car. Well to me it is a piece of discovery that takes me from A to B, That's all.

Mike : Oh really? So that's why we added all those extra features on the car and paid a fortune to get it?

Sara : Ok I will correct myself. A discovery that takes me from A to B comfortably.But I still am a good driver and women shouldn't be mocked like this all the time. Officer don't you think I have a point here.

The somewhat perplexed officer spoke...finally...

Officer :"Actually she is right. Woman are really not all that bad on the roads"

Mike : Is there anyone else along with you officer??Can you please call a male cop so I can explain my point here.

While the argument continues, little Sammy walks out of the room to see his mom , dad and the officer . Noticing his presence, there is a bit of silence and grinning .

Realising, Sara and Mike turn to the distracted officer about why she had knocked the door.

The officer replied, I was in the neighbourhood doing my rounds and was reversing into your driveway and..

Mike : And..? Oh no, what happened to my garage door ..?

The officer : Sir please calm down, everything is ok.I did not reverse into your garage door. I was going to say, I saw this toy outside and wanted to return it to your child.

Sammy walked away with his toy with a big smile.

While sending Sammy and Mike back to their room, Sara saw the officer drive away. She noticed the tail lights knocked out behind the car. She quietly smiled.

Women are often blamed to be 'happening drivers'. It's not about multitasking, but you see we really can handle a piece of complex machinery.A knocked out tail light does not portray our driving skills.Its just one of those days that can happen to men too.

The phone rang and Mike went to answer it.

A distressed Mike yelled: "Saraaaaaaaaaaa"

Sara thought to herself "Oops I think the neighbour has called about his car that I slightly bumped into at the supermarket:) ".

And the ultimate game of madness begins.


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