The Sun Shines Out of Your Soul

The Sun Shines Out of Your Soul

Posted 2014-04-26 by angelstarfollow

We have all heard the saying "The sun shines out of your a#####." What do think about this? I feel and truly believe it shines from your soul. Have you ever been around some people and felt a bit on edge next to them? There is something that has triggered that feeling in you...

It is their soul, not their personality or rudeness as you may think; but their inner shell of their soul.

You're probably wondering what do I really mean?

Here is my perception and belief of this question.
If you are a nice person that has a friendly and loving personality, then there is no way you can have a dark soul. On the other hand, people with darkness and angry souls come across as not very nice, cold natured, and not the type of person you should hang around with. This is your life, and you need to embrace each day with uplifting people in your life. Only surround yourself with the good of life, and not the bad. People with dark souls do their best to bring you down all the time, and they have a habit of making you feel unworthy.

When you are in a room with dark souls, you feel suffocated by their darkness and all sorts of negative emotions start to overwhelm you; negative emotions such as guilt, anger, rudeness and much more. If someone has the dark soul, they will find life very difficult and struggle to maintain a normal life that brings happiness...because they only see a dark world, dark life, and dark images.

Good overcomes evil, so try not to go down that road of darkness. Do not allow evil to get the better of you. It takes more effort to think bad thoughts than it does with good, so aim for good always.

Yes we have all been through tough times throughout our lives, but some of us choose to go on living while learning from our choices; while (sadly) others go down the path of darkness never able to reach their full potential as to where they should be in life.

Remember, choose good over evil in your life, and you will find happiness and bliss.


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