The Sun Is The Loudest Good Morning I Receive

The Sun Is The Loudest Good Morning I Receive

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I like to rise just before the sun does, when the sky is pale, growing brighter from the canvas of night in preparation for the sun. Then, I can see the first sparkles of gold as I go for a jog around my neighbourhood, or as I stretch like a tree and meditate to really take in the buzz from my movement. As the sky prepares for the light, I prepare for my day.

It never used to be like this for me. In retrospect I see the change was very gradual. With each new step I could feel my days lighten; my attention refining and my energy sustaining itself throughout the day. Sleep at the end of my day is charming; I get just enough so I feel no need to sleep in. However I am only human just like you, and sometimes I do need more sleep. Therefore, I listen to my body and indulge in a bit more sleep. That’s the key, listening to everything your body is trying to tell you, and then taking the appropriate action; choosing love, nourishment and goodness.

As I run into a new morning, the atmosphere feels special. It feels sacred. That moment, just as the first sparkle of gold winks through the trees it’s a breakthrough: a baby’s first breath; a couples first kiss. It reveals to me how open the day is, how everything approaching is mine for the taking and for the loving. The sun is a sparkle of fresh hope, the loudest ‘good morning’ I ever receive. She’s a real stunner, and she makes me feel so powerful. She makes me believe in the validity of all my dreams. In every single one of them.

There is nothing I have seen in my life that amounts to the beauty of a sunrise.

The peachy smear across the sky, and the magical way stars fade out with the moon. I know they don’t go anywhere during the day; it’s just the magnificence of the sunlight that blinds these night creatures. It’s like your soul never leaves you, ever. Even in the most chaotic times when the world blurs around you, and you get caught up in the banter of others, your soul is right there with you. All you need to do is close your eyes and believe, and feel the love inside you. Don’t let chaos blind who you really are. You have to let the quiet in, like a cool wave of relief.

If I miss the sunrise, it feels as if I’ve missed a huge chunk of my day; sometimes my life. That’s how important it is to me now. The sun is a battery, and even if grey clouds shade the gold from my sight, I can feel her. I know the sun is rising because I have faith in her. I believe in the value, the opportunity and the luck of every single new day.

The sun is not dented from past mistakes, and she doesn’t cower in fear of the future. The sun rises with all the brilliance of hope and vulnerability. She stays up in that sky, meandering around until she feels it’s time to rest. The sun trusts the moon, her best friend, to guard the night until she wants to start a new day creep up, up and up until the sky is her canvas once again.

The sun and the moon hold no judgement or regret.
The sun and the moon are beacons of openness, and they are mindful.

If time strikes you down with misfortune, or if fear invades; just think of the sun and know that a new day is on the rise.

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