The story of an Easter Egg

The story of an Easter Egg

Posted 2014-04-09 by Artfollow
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Once upon a time, not so long ago there lived a young girl by the name Sasha. She looked a bit different from the others. When Sasha was a baby, an illness struck her, and she lost most of her hair. She was always seen alone, and was a little afraid to ask questions. She didn't have many friends.

One day, while helping her mum in the kitchen, she asked why her friends would leave her alone and play. Her mum tried explaining that it wasn't her fault, and that she had to take the initiative to be with other people.

Being Good Friday, her family gathered at dinner and Sasha told her dad that she felt people ignored her, and it could be because of the way she looked. Sasha thought to herself that she didn't look pretty, and that no one liked her because of that. Her dad told her that she was his beautiful princess, and it did not matter what others said, and that he loved her a lot.

Sasha wasn't convinced. She went to her room; dimmed her lights, and lay on the bed thinking and reflecting. She said her night prayers, and asked God why He had made her that way. Right then there was a noise along the window side, and she thought to herself that the winds were hustling. Then there was the noise again, and she went to the window and slowly moved the drapes.

To her surprise, she saw an egg in a basket. She looked around to see no one and wondered who would have left it there. She took the egg with care and brought it inside her room.

Next day, at breakfast, she mentioned this to her mum, and her mum wanted to see it. They both stared at the egg, and her mum noticed that it wasn't looking clean, and so she asked her to leave it by the window itself.

Sasha somehow didn't want to let go of her new found friend, and she took it with her everywhere. All her friends made fun of her, for carrying such a dirty looking egg which was of no use. Sasha (however) kept it with her.

It was Easter morning, and it had been three days since she got the dirty looking egg. While her house was full of family relatives, her parents were busy looking after everyone, and the place was filled with fun and laughter.

After dinner when everyone was having dessert, and the attention then focused on Sasha's little oval shaped friend. As always people had their opinion about it and made fun of Sasha for keeping it. Suddenly there was a cracking sound, and Sasha realised someone had accidentally pushed her egg basket off the table.
She ran towards it and quickly took the basket to her room. She was upset, and without even looking inside of it, she left the basket by the window where she had seen it.

After the guests left, and the usual routine in the house of clearing up beckoned; Sasha went back to her room. She was tired, upset, and she dozed off. She heard a distinctive loving voice ."Sasha no matter how dirty the egg looked, how much people frowned upon it, and judged it with its appearance, the egg has a great value .You nurtured it with love and affection, and didn't react like the others; and that is why I gifted a golden egg to you .You are similar to the egg Sasha. You may not look like others, and people might judge you or frown upon you; but I know you have a great value because I nurtured you, I love you and created you with all my heart."

Sasha woke up and saw a glow near the window. It was true. There was a golden egg right there with dirty cracked shells around it.

In modern age, I don't think God is going to come in person. He will give you messages and it is up to us to hear them. He has created everyone with no parity. You and me are all special to Him, and no matter who we are, rich or poor, pretty or not; each one of us is unique, special, and has a great value in God's eyes.

Let's begin to love ourselves this Easter, and spread harmony and love to others around us.

By the way, don't forget to check your window before you go to sleep. God might have just left something for you.


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