The SelfHelp Stigma

Posted 2013-12-30 by Millie Claytonfollow

There is a stigma belonging to the ‘self-help’ or ‘personal development’ aisle of the book store. I see people strutting with pride over to the ‘new age science’ section yet eyes darting back and forth when someone is looking for a formula to help create a new beginning for themselves.

Imagine this…

Anxiety is now becoming a house hold name. I came up with a funny ‘what if‘ scenario last night thinking about the growing incidence rates of anxiety. What a frenzied world in the future everyone suffered form anxiety? In response to this overwhelming mental ailment, the government creates a blanket response in which they send out the message that nervous waves of apprehension are normal. If anything, that if you don’t feel on edge the majority of the time, you are probably suffering from narcolepsy or worse, laziness! Everyone would be running around fueled by their own angst-driven energy yet possess the thought that they were normal because everyone suffers from the same thing. Normality is created from like experiences and if everyone experiences the same emotion then that emotion would become what is considered normal. Project this scenario fifty years into the future and we could have a whole global generation not knowing the true meaning of the word ‘relaxation.‘

Help yourself

Going through a hard time shouldn’t be considered a weakness similar to mental illness not making a person any less strong-willed. We dig ourselves deep into holes sometimes and if it takes a damn book from the self-help section to pass me the shovel then count me in.


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