The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment

Posted 2014-01-22 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

Be the King or Queen of your castle. Don't wait around for someone to make you their Princess or Prince Charming. Give yourself the Royal treatment.

We tend to look after others more so than we do ourselves, whether it be with your friends, your children, work colleagues or employers. It's about time we look after ourselves just as much, or if not more.

Guard Youreslf

Just as Royal soldiers monitor the perimeter of the castle, we too should protect ourselves. And choose friends who will also keep us guarded and our best interests safe. Don't just allow any old person or thing into your world. Make sure they are worthy of being in your presence, and will respect your property; otherwise they should be marched straight out of your life.

Choosing The Best

We should want the best for ourselves just as we do our loved ones. Don't be afraid to ask for more, or demand the best. You deserve it just as much as anyone else does. The Queen of England is no more a better human being than you are.

Treat Yourself

Prepare your own meals in a fancy way. Try to impress you. And give yourself some pampering. Soak your feet in a foot spa at the end of the day; take a beautiful bath with rose petals and candles, and go and get that massage. After all you deserve it.


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