The Real Reason You Are Unhappy

The Real Reason You Are Unhappy

Posted 2016-10-08 by Brittney Oliverfollow

Sometimes life can really throw you for a loop. You have these high hopes of landing a great job after school and living this awesome life as an adult. You plan to get married by this age, have kids by this age and you actually accomplish all of it. But you still feel unsatisfied with your life. You feel unfulfilled, and even a bit unhappy. You don’t understand; you have a well-paying job, plenty of “things”, a beautiful family and you are still not happy. Likewise, you followed (or so you thought) the formula to success. You went to school, volunteered, furthered your education and you still can’t land a job, at least not one that pays you your worth. I mean come on! What is the deal? You’re a good person, you have never been in trouble, you listened to your parents, you have basically followed all the rules. So why can’t you seem to get the happiness you deserve?

Well, maybe the key to your ultimate happiness isn’t following the rules. Maybe it’s going against the grain and stepping into the terrifying world of the unknown. I just wonder what has playing it safe and following the rules got you so far? (It may have brought you a lot, but is it the things you really want?) Stepping out the box might be worth a try.

Let’s take a look into the past to get a better understanding of where I’m going with this. Since we were children, most of us where taught to steer clear of our fears. By no fault of our own; we learned to do things like sleeping with a night light to avoid the monster under the bed, or not approach that girl or guy you thought was so good looking in high school because you were sure they would never give you the time of the day. But let’s analyze what might have happened if you had opted to keep the light off when you felt scared. You more than likely would have realized that there was never a monster. So what does that mean for the rest of your life? That could had been the catalyst you needed to continue to face your fears while growing up. Your adult life may have looked a lot different because of that. What if you would have approached that person in high school? What if they would have returned the admiration and told that you they thought you were the most amazing person they ever encountered? Who knows what you two could have been, what he or she could have taught you, even if you didn’t stay together. It would have shaped your future and things ma have been different now.

Do you see where I’m getting at? That’s how we should approach all decisions. We should examine where we are making our decisions from. Is it out of fear? Don’t just make your decision based off of the present and how you feel in that exact moment. Make your decisions based off what they could possibly create for you in the future. This will help you to stop operating out of fear and help you to take that initial leap, because you will recognize what could be, is far greater than the discomfort or fear that you are feeling that moment. All I’m saying is, in life there are lots of directions to take and just because you fear one direction doesn’t discount it as a possible good choice. It could still possibly work. Just because we feel uncomfortable about it doesn’t make it wrong. A lot of times it’s the territory that scares us because it’s new and its ok to feel that way. Fear is not always a bad feeling. Dig deep and realize when your fear is rational or just plain holding you back.

So I challenge you to take steps towards the things you fear the most, to unlock your dreams and the life you are waiting to have. Our fears tell a lot about ourselves and they also keep you stuck if you choose to let them. Do you think that the world’s most successful people were able to get there playing it safe and living fearfully? Of course not! They walked boldly into their dark, scary places, owned the discomfort and made their dreams a reality because of it. It won’t be easy, but goodness will it be worth it.


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