The Perfect Way To Get Nothing Done

The Perfect Way To Get Nothing Done

Posted 2013-12-02 by Lindsey Leighfollow

Perfectionism: A noun meaning to refuse any standard short of perfect.

Too High

It’s a human thing, we’ve all done it! Setting the bar so high that it’s near impossible to conceive completion of the task at hand. Perfectionism raises its head in so many different ways it can be undetectable.

Whether it be worrying what others may think, if they’ll notice the flaws or even having so much pride in what you do that it deserves nothing less than perfection. Regardless of how it comes up, it will always leave you the same way; overwhelmed, tired and behind schedule.

What if I were to shake the foundations a little bit and shared the real reason behind perfectionism? For some, this knowledge will be relief. It’ll bring a deeper understanding of the patterns you’re running in your world and the choices you’re making.

For others that little voice (you know the one) will give you one hundred reasons why this knowledge can not be relevant to you, none of which will actually make sense. To you I ask you accept this little voice and it’s opinion and continue reading anyway.

Does Perfectionism Cause Procrastination?

Is perfectionism really about having high standards or is it really about procrastination?

By constantly pushing to reach these extreme standards, tasks begin to eat away into your day and are often never completed. And by never completing a task and taking action that little voice puts off finding out just how much you can achieve. After all, if you never try anything new you’ll never feel the sting of “failure”!

Success - Keep it Achievable

Success in any form is attained by numerous tasks performed daily, persistently and without fail. They may not be large tasks but over time they accumulate and before you know it you will be looking success straight in the eye. Some tasks may not have the results you wanted but you’ll know for next time how to make it even better. It’s all about taking action.

By aiming for unattainable standards and taking so much time on tasks, success is a lot further way than it needs to be. And by choosing perfectionism as a pattern in your life, you allow that little voice to do what it thinks is keeping you safe.

Is overwhelm, tiredness and being behind schedule a price you are willing to pay in lieu of success? Complete what needs to be done to the highest standard in the time you’ve allocated and feel the buzz of success!

Image "Overwhelmed" by Walt Stoneburner under license CC BY 2.0


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