The Odds are Not the End

The Odds are Not the End

Posted 2014-07-24 by Artfollow
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Life is way more than just interesting. Because every time you hope you fear, and with fear comes self doubt, low self esteem and more than anything a block to your life. Then there is this unfair element called luck. As we debate the existence of this luck in life, it silently contributes its bit and then the avalanche begins.

Life is sick, you feel not understood, then the part of self pity, self empathy and you just know that you are not living your life the way you typically should be living. Then all of a sudden facets of life that seem so simple and smooth for others is horribly difficult and frustrating for you.

Well we all have or probably are going through this in life. I just wanted to say, no matter how difficult life seems right now, no matter what the odds are, it is not the end. And why do I say something like that, because just like you, I too have faced the happy highs and horrible lows in life. I have learnt to enjoy the ride while it lasts in highs and mentally prepare myself for the lows that I might encounter along the way. After all life is a sine curve of ups and downs and that is the design by the master or the universe.

All of sudden when life curves down and you hit rock bottom, hang on because you will not be stationed there for long. It is just logical. As logical as a circle won't fit in a square or as mathematical as 2 plus 2 is four and cannot be five. The hanging on is tough no doubt, but try to focus on the blessings you have. You will surely have something in your life that is positive. While you can focus on this and simple wait like you would wait for a train or bus. Just that it might take a bit longer but you will definitely get your ride to the place you want to go. And slowly you will begin to move up and start experiencing highs where life is good. And during your highs don't forget to be grateful and thank your blessings.

Odds exist for a reason. Their reason is to make you realise and see the even. Just like you would outline a light shaded circle with a dark pen to make it visible, these odds typically outline goodness which soon will be yours. Hang on, let loose and be courageous and wear your attitude. The odds are NOT the end.


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