The Introspection Saga

Posted 2014-04-28 by Artfollow
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We all go through this. Whether we realise it or not, there is always a time, when you will need to assess your true self and question your way of life and your behaviour in certain situations. We wonder how we could have answered better for certain questions or maybe reacted differently .

The process is simple. You sit back, relax and while your thoughts take off you step out of yourself and look at who you are and what kind of individual you are. Whether your actions define you or your thoughts define your actions, it's all looked at and argued.

Although you wonder mostly about how you can be a better person, the reflections all come down to certain facets that define your personality, your very reason for existence.

Acceptance : You tend to accept at situations when you have won. The acceptance is easy when the triumph is yours to keep and feel proud of who we are. But then there are times when we shouldn't have reacted the way we did .Are these times being reflected and accepted that we are wrong?? The reception of self failure and letting your ego go to the side is one of the most difficult parts of introspection.

You are your best friend and your worst enemy. Although there are times we feel we are sorry, it isn't communicated or sent out to have closure. This is when the need for introspection surfaces to audit yourself and look at who you are as a person. It is not about being a big person or acting small, it is about being someone who you would be able to live with ,for life.

Judgement : We all stumble upon that moment when the introspection turns into the avenue called judgement. We've all heard our friends tell us "Don't be harsh on yourself". That is more than a sentence. A statement that encompasses the fact that judgement isn't even for you to do about yourself. You are a special individual and everyone comes as a package. So there is good and bad about everyone. Just because someone is loved by all does not mean they don't have any bad in them. More than anyone, this person's introspection is deeper because only he/she knows who they actually are. So when introspecting, try not to wear the judgement cap and be unforgiving on yourself. You are who you are and whatever you have done is subjective in everyone's eyes.

Assessment : The point where you take stock of who you are and when you do this, you clearly see for yourself your positives and negatives. You don't need any help from outside. The best place to look for help is within you and the inner voice that guides you. Your instincts are more powerful than your thoughts and when you listen to them you will realise its potential.

Being able to love yourself inspite of an introspection is the key. Introspect for a better life and not to pull yourself down.


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