The Healing Powers of Confrontation

The Healing Powers of Confrontation

Posted 2014-03-24 by ggmbofollow
Normally, we would wish to avoid confrontation, especially if we believe it will be upsetting for us, or make us feel uncomfortable - why go there - correct? However, there is one form of confrontation that if we do embrace it for a short time and embracing it is the key - it can be absolutely life changing. There is no financial outlay to it, it's not hard to do (it can get a bit irritating...) and it's not time consuming so, in theory, there is no real reason not to try it when the benefits can be remarkable.

Well, I hear you all say (not quite true, but you know what I mean...) if this is all you say it is, with these potentially wonderful results and it's that easy to do, why are we not all doing it? The answer is because it forces us to face our demons - it confronts us horribly that what we say we do, or think we do and what we actually do can be completely different. If we do this simple exercise, there is no hiding that, for example - how much we eat, how much we eat of the wrong food, how little we exercise, how much alcohol we drink, what little time we spend with our children, how lazy we have become, how much time we waste, etc, etc. Whatever your demon is, if you embrace the task I am about to suggest, have no doubt that it will confront you. So much so, that many will not even accept the challenge and all sorts of excuses will be made. It will even make some people quite cross and it's because they have a fair idea on how confronting the results will be. To these people, my advice is to do it, tell no one you are doing it and just see if when you reflect on the results it helps you. The timing of any future action based on the results is personal, when your headspace is right for it - no pressure.

What's The Secret..?

So what is this simple, cost effective, potentially life changing exercise then...? It is simply to write it down - create a written record.

Using the example of being overweight, or having a dodgy tummy potentially based on what you eat (my issue; not over eating to any great extent, but eating more fat than my stomach could handle), record everything you eat, how much and the date and time and there it is, in black and white - where the fat is, where the sugar is and what the quantities are. Do I really drink that amount of alcohol? When was the last time I properly engaged with the children, based on my smart 'phone never being out of my hand? What caring parent wants to face the fact, they do indeed have more time than they thought but it's spent on FB! Ouch!

On having the cold hard facts staring us in the face by our hand and therefore our own admission is like a confession - very liberating! At that point we have a choice and the fact the exercise has been undertaken is telling us in the first place that we've recognised something in ourselves, or our lifestyles that we want to change. At this point, our motivation levels may well be activated and we put steps in place to make the changes - and hopefully feel great!

Maybe gIve it a go and it would be really interesting if you'd care to share the results. Good luck!


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