The Happiness Project Part 4 Dreams

The Happiness Project Part 4 Dreams

Posted 2014-01-25 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Nothing is too good to last or too good to be true. Be courageous follow and live your dreams.

We all have them. Yes, they do come true. The truth of your dreams coming into full manifestation all depends on you. Now that we're onto Part 4 of the Self Avenue Happiness Project, you're now getting the point of the importance of putting down your desires onto a piece of paper. The point is to write things down. With your dreams, there is immense power in writing them down. They become real and true. Chunk them down, and then your dreams begin to be possible for you.

In case you've missed parts 1-3 of this series, here they are for your convenience:

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It does not matter whether or not your dreams are perceived as being big or small. It is important to get the above elements of your happiness in check first before you can manifest your dreams. All articles pertaining to this project flow in logical and necessary sequences to each other.

It is your time to reflect on what gives your life purpose and meaning.

Are your dreams:

1. Long term or short term? A mixture of the two?
2. How detailed is this dream?
3. How can I make this dream of mine come true?
4. Who can help me fulfil my dreams?

Write down your responses to the above. This will help your dreams manifest into reality. I am not referring to the dreams in your sleep, but rather what you want to achieve our of life. For example, do you dream of writing a book and publishing it? Owning a house in a desired location? Being free and out of the rat race?

Whatever those dreams are for you - when you ask quality questions as per the above, your mind (all levels) is working hard for you to help your dreams manifest into reality.

Furthermore, ask yourself "when are you in flow?"

Being in a state of flow is bliss. It is that state of being where nothing else matters. It is those moments (I feel the same when writing and editing) where time passes you by without you even realising it when you're at work and play. Where work feels like play to you. When you're fully present and in sync, and you're loving every second of your work. Work is play to you. That's it: when this magic happens, you're living your dream.

Enjoy the journey. When we're in flow, we're naturally much happier and healthier human beings. More pleasant people to be with.

Furthermore, have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an abundance of ideas flowing through your head in line with your work? Bingo. A great problem to have. That's right, you're living your dream/s. The same is true if you've woken up after a powerful sleep session - where sudden inspiration strikes. You just know it. Have that notebook handy to write down those ideas. This is how I started running chocolate tours, and how I became involved in setting up Self Avenue with someone else that shares a similar vision for helping others and getting the most out of life. This is incredible.

What brings you purpose and meaning in life?

Some other tips on connecting to your dreams:

  • Add to your list of dreams to give you the bigger picture.

  • Set out a lofty goal to make one of your dreams on your list to come true at least once a month, big or small.

  • Create a vision/dreams board.

  • Lose yourself in order to find yourself. Book that holiday. Spend time in nature. Your best ideas and dreams flow to you when relaxed and away from the every day for a few days of non-attachment to technology.

  • To begin with, if you're not spending at least a full day in flow - then go ahead and do it. It is what John Williams, author of Screw Work Let's Play calls play Wednesday.

  • Enjoy this process of ensuring your dreams come true. Trust me, it is hard work, however those feelings are absolutely awesome. Watch this space for Part 5 of the Self Avenue Happiness Project in the coming few days.


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