The Happiness Project Part 3 Attitude Audit

The Happiness Project Part 3 Attitude Audit

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Image The Secret Facebook Page. Your attitude is everything. A positive, optimistic attitude will take you far and wide. Your ships will sail and not sink now.

The Self Avenue Happiness Project is back on track. We're promising you one article a week for the next nine weeks now on boosting your happiness and life satisfaction. After all life is to be enjoyed. As that saying goes: "you're not here for a long time, you're here for a good time." We agree with this 'philosophy' wholeheartedly.

We're up to Part 3 of the Self Avenue Happiness Project. If you have not done so already, please go ahead and read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, as each topic follows in quick succession to the other.

This part is all about your attitude. Yes, your attitude does determine your altitude in life. You might hate me for this now, yet you'll thank me for this later. Even if you believe you have a positive, kick ass attitude now; however in saying this we all need an attitude 'reality check,' and can improve our attitude to life, people, circumstances and events from time to time. We can all fall into a negative trap. Nothing wrong with that. We are both sides. The world of duality.

1. Optimism

Whether you realise this or not, your attitude determines the outcome of life's situations. Optimism is all about taking in all sides of an equation/a person's point of view, and just articulating the positives from such insights.

Please write down (and/or think about) a situation in which you were highly optimistic. Was the outcome positive or not? Do you think the experience would have changed if you weren't optimistic?

Now repeat this exercise for a situation in which you were pessimistic. What was the outcome? Did your pessimism influence it? Would the outcome have been different if you were optimistic?

For example, there was a soccer team who were on two points at half time, while their opposition was on 50 points. The team was pessimistic when the coach told them the actual score. Their pessimism gave their opposition the chance to widen the score and claim victory - which they did. Had this team been optimistic in their attitude towards the situation, they would have narrowed the scoreboard - or they could have won the game. Nothing is impossible.

2. Worry

It is so minute, and so small. Write down your worries and then focus on the positives/the blessings. There will be frustrations such as unexpected bills and people failing to get back to you on something when they said they would. Ask spirit for guidance on releasing these worries.

3. Insights

Get three of your closest friends and/or family members to track your attitude over a whole month. What do they think of your attitude overall? Optimistic?

Take those results and analyse what they've taught you about yourself. The mirror never lies, and a positive thought is always 12 times more powerful than a negative thought.

4. Live in the moment

Presence is the epitome of a great attitude. A client can tell you're playing with your smartphone while talking to them on the phone. They will be more open, co-operative and receptive to you if you focus fully on them. Switch the phone off and put it away. Do the same when having lunch with friends.

As soon as you wake up, regardless of how you're feeling - just smile for 10 minutes. You'll be surprised that such small adjustments make a profound difference to your attitude as a by product of your happiness.

Have a wonderful week, and watch this space for part 4 of the Self Avenue Happiness Project.


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